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Mag. Maximilian Lukas Zumtobel
Maximilian Lukas Zumtobel




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Authorized officer (Prokuristin)

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Maximilian Lukas Zumtobel, a native of Dornbirn, Austria, embarked on his entrepreneurial and investment journey during his student years by engaging in the purchase and resale of apartments in Vienna. This initial phase provided the essential capital foundation for subsequent expansion efforts. The initial focus was primarily on residential multi-family properties in Austria, followed by an expansion into German real estate private limited partnerships (KGs), primarily featuring commercial real estate assets such as office towers and shopping malls.

Under the umbrella of several holding companies, we estimate that we are currently the largest non-institutional investor within this market segment in Germany. Our strategy includes securing significant ownership stakes in these KGs through hostile takeover bids, subsequently leading to assertive and at times public activist campaigns. These campaigns were designed to maximize shareholder returns by orchestrating open auctions, typically attracting institutional investors as the highest bidders for the properties.

In recent years, our strategic focus has shifted to emphasize the acquisition and long-term ownership of well-managed companies, whether through private or public markets. As of today, the group's primary property holdings are concentrated in Austria, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Furthermore, we maintain global ownership interests in enterprises spanning a diverse array of industries, encompassing software, energy, retail, gaming, construction, e-commerce, finance, hospitality, as well as music recording and publishing rights.

The M. L. Zumtobel Group adopts an opportunistic approach rooted in the principles of Value Investing. We continuously seek out new investment opportunities across a wide spectrum, including established companies and properties of varying sizes. Our operations are characterized by agility, flexibility, and discretion. For inquiries regarding investment proposals, contact us at: office@mlzumtobel.com.


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